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The Bridal Rack

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

So much to say! Where to start?

Well, as you probably read on the website, I started The Bridal Rack out of nowhere. Looking for my own wedding gown I ran into someone that was selling multiple wedding dresses.

I never forget it. I thought 'I will buy all these dresses, pick the one I like, then sell it all online. I may even make a profit of it!' That was my plan. Well, I bought it all, none fit me. Then, I could not sell any dresses online! I had a house full of dresses! No space for anyone or anything! I think my husband totally regretted proposing to me at some point during this time.

I advertised the dresses in local ads and few people came to my house to buy dresses, still, it was not how it should be.

Now, I had two problems in my hand. One, I needed a dress, and two, I need to sell lots of dresses. Plus, I have never been to a Bridal Boutique here in the UK.

This was my chance! Forget about making money selling the dresses first, I needed my dress! and I wanted the experience of visiting a bridal boutique. I picked in my opinion, the best bridal boutique for my budget and what I was looking for. My next-door neighbor Julie and I went to my first proper appointment. I was sure they will have the dress I wanted and I knew what I wanted! I wanted a dress just like my friend that got married in 1999! That's it! call me crazy! With all the dresses I had in my house and just about to open my own boutique, I wanted an ex-sample dress that probably only existed in my head!

So, of course, I could not find my dress on my appointment. I did like another dress, but as for an ex-sample dress, they didn't have it in my size. So, I came home empty-handed. However, the appointment, attention, and care they had with me were precious and a great example to me of how to care for clients. It was a great experience.

At the same time, I was actually opening my boutique! So, rewinding the story months before I went to my dress appointment! I contacted the person that sold me all the ex-sample dresses. I explain to her that I was in deep shizzle since I couldn't sell the dresses and it was taking life away from me! She simply suggested I open a Boutique. Of course, I called her crazy! She then explained to me that she was moving to Spain and retiring after many years of working in the bridal industry. Basically, she gave me all the info, training, and pep talk that I needed at the time. She was fantastic to me!

And now, I will give you a reason to believe in God or destiny. After calling my friend crazy, the money I needed to open a boutique just came to me from an investment. Then, I looked for a possible place to start the business and I found the right place with my budget for rent right away! As soon as I rented the property, the Covid lockdown happened. Well, I used the time to get the shop ready and to advertise and build the website that you see now. As soon as I opened the boutique doors I sold dresses! That capital took me to my favorite wedding dress designer. I met the owner of Phoenix Gowns. I was in love with their dresses and quality. (I still am) I bought the first samples for the shop and I couldn't be in better hands. Phoenix Gowns owner Tian took me by the hand and guided me throughout every situation. Also, the amazing Annette that works for Phoenix Gowns. I will never forget it. I'm eternally grateful to them. Without Tian and Annette, there will be no successful boutique.

In resume, God or destiny, pretty much placed all the right people, situations, and events in my path. I just took it all in without fear and without thinking much, really! And now, we have this wonderful place called The Bridal Rack.

PS - About my own dress. Due to lockdowns, my Cyprus already booked wedding got moved to 2 years later. We then had a small wedding in a registry office in August 2021. I wore a bridesmaid's dress as I didn't want too much fuss.

Then, we had our Cyprus wedding in October 2022. I wore Envy by Phoenix Gowns of course! However, it had nothing to do with the dress in my head! In fact, like many brides that come to the boutique, I surprised myself with a dress that was never what I thought I would wear!

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